The fund raising program through credit cards is organized by the YKAKI Teledonation Division through telephone communication media, using a computerized teledonation system computerized teledonation that ensures data security and accuracy. Donation transactions through credit cards are carried out in collaboration with Bank BNI for the recurring process,making it easier, safe and practical for donors.
Donating through YKAKI Teledonation guarantees that the incoming funds are 100% distributed to help implement YKAKI programs without any deductions from any party.


1. Prospective Donors actively contact YKAKI Teledonasi or YKAKI Teledonation staff will contact prospective donors by phone.

2. Prospective Donors submit their credit card data to YKAKI Teledonation staff (the 3 digits security code at the back of the credit card is NOT REQUIRED)

3. For regular donations, and the administrative process is only done 1x at the beginning.

4. The period and value of the donation is determined by the donor according to the available options: (table)

5. All donations of @ksi10,000 will be regularly reported on the YKAKI website

Telepon      :  021 2242 1189
WA official  :  0878 8833 6145
Email      :

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